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Organic Verlasso Salmon Fillets

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Verlasso salmon has a buttery mouth feel, firm texture and mild flavor that complements any method of cooking or preparation. This kind of salmon is lower in fat than conventional farmed salmon and offers a brighter taste with no residual fishy flavor on the palate or aroma in the kitchen.

Clean, fresh and firm, Verlasso salmon makes every dish a masterpiece.

  • Nourished by the earth’s richest current, the Humboldt, Verlasso salmon is the ultra-premium brand of AquaChile.
  • The fish never receive hormones to grow and are always harvested at a smaller size to ensure the health of the population. No preventative antibiotics are ever used and Verlasso salmon has no antibiotics at harvest.
  • Sustainability and Humaneness: The nets and enclosures contain no copper anti-foulants and organophosphates are never used on the farms, ensuring the least amount of disruption to the environment.
  • 6 oz Boneless SKIN ON portions x 4 pieces per case
  • Each fillet is individually vacuum sealed and freezer ready

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