Chicken On The Run is a Canadian company. It was founded in May of 2003 on the notion of selling the freshest poultry to the public. We take advantage of today’s technology to offer a new spin on ‘old-fashioned delivery‘. People do not have the time they used to, so we offer convenience and quality… leaving you time to focus on enjoying the food rather than sourcing it.

Chicken On The Run delivers the freshest vegetable, grain-fed poultry directly to your residence or business, the same day it is processed from a Federally Inspected HACCP poultry plant. WE DO NOT WAREHOUSE ANY CHICKEN AT ANY TIME.

And our prices are extremely competitive. We’ve streamlined the process and passed the savings on to our consumers. When you add the freshness and the low prices together, our VALUE CAN NOT BE BEAT!

Chicken On The Run is registered and in good standing with the Simcoe County Board of Health.